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Poster: SundaramFirebird Date: Jul 15, 2007 5:17pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: How do I know these movies are really uploaded by the copyright holder?

Thanks for your reply Alex.
It seems to me that the obvious solution to the problem would be to ask each person who uploads a movie to provide their contact details if they are listing it as available for use in any way.
People who were not bonafide would then not bother to pretend they were the copyright holders as they gain nothing from it anyway.
And those who DO own the copyright would be able to really make the materials available, which they are not doing at the moment since no-one knows if they can really use the material or not legally.

As it stands the listing of a Creative Commons license is meaningless and on confuses the issue.

Whenever there is an author listed - especially if it is in the actual film itself - then I am contacting them to ask permission and confirm the status of the film. When this is not possible I guess I just have to risk illegally using someones materials because someone else said I could :-(

I think this is an important issue for Its not a site like youtube that promotes anything goes and total disregard of copyright. It presents itself as making public domain and other free to use materials available.
Wouldn't it make sense to have some sort of minimal verification process such as the ability to contact the author? Or even better a voluntary confirmation of copyright ownership form, abuse of which would cancel ones account and get all of ones materials removed?

All the best
Dan V

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jul 16, 2007 7:17am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: How do I know these movies are really uploaded by the copyright holder?

Unfortunately the people posting copyright stuff are probably not using real email addresses. Another problem is that this may be the only place a creative commons publisher uploads their stuff, therefore making it about impossible to prove any ownership. I believe in self governing systems (I know, call me an extremist), and think the users should police items like wikipedia, without the godlike powers to delete or revert an edit. Tag an item as copyright and let others judge for themselves, if it is indeed a copyright violation, take it down. Then there is the grey area of remixes, mashups, fair use doctrine. Technically using copyright music in your podcasts without paying royalties is illegal, but hardly enforcable. You would think this topic would attract more interest.